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Have you ever wondered why we have so many fundraisers at school?

Bell Top PTO has a fundraising goal of $17,500 this year in order to meet our budget that goes completely to supporting our teachers and students. This money goes directly to our  classrooms and students in supporting field trips, extra class supplies, author visits, new STEM learning, Bell Top Book Club, End of year picnic, support of our therapy dog (Auggie), extra student needs, and more.

Do you ever feel like just making a donation instead of participating in fundraising?

Bell Top PTO is asking you to consider helping with a tax deductible donation to the Bell Top PTO. It’s easy to donate. We accept donations via VENMO, cash or check. If you prefer cash or check, complete this form and return it with your child to school or mail it in. Please make all checks payable to Bell Top PTO.

As always, thanks for your support.